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27 December 2017

4 Negative Lifestyle Choices That Affect Your Smile

As we go about our busy lives we rarely consider all the negative choices we make each day that can affect our smiles. We do them without thinking, and suddenly our smile begins to look yellow, dingy, and unattractive. How did this happen, we wonder. A professional dentistry office can answer... Read More

4 December 2017

Tips For Scheduling A Dental...

We all understand that regular dental appointments are a vital part of our oral... Read More

27 November 2017

8 Interesting Dental Floss Flavours To...

Every family dentistry practice will ask the inevitable question: “Are... Read More

13 November 2017

Is There Such A Thing As Over-Brushing...

If you’ve ever worried about that little piece of spinach caught in your... Read More

18 October 2017

How To Make Your Tooth Whitening...

There are endless teeth whitening options available today. If you just had... Read More

2 October 2017

5 Solutions To Reduce Your Gummy Smile

At some time in your life you have met someone who had a gummy smile. Sometimes... Read More

22 September 2017

Electric Vs. Regular Toothbrushes:...

What do you and your family use at home to clean your teeth? Do you have a... Read More

8 September 2017

Have You Seen Your Dentist Recently? 4...

“Ignorance is bliss, ” or so we’ve heard. Maybe that works with some... Read More

28 August 2017

What Are Craze Lines?

A craze line is a hairline vertical crack in the enamel of your teeth. It does... Read More

7 August 2017

6 Symptoms Of An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth have nothing to do with being wise.This is proven over and over... Read More

24 July 2017

How Do You Fix A Broken Tooth?

Let’s begin by saying, “YOU don’t!” You can’t fix a broken tooth and... Read More