8 Interesting Dental Floss Flavours To Keep You Flossing

27 November 2017

Every family dentistry practice will ask the inevitable question: “Are you flossing every day?” Do you proudly boast your faithfulness to this sacred oral health routine, or do you fudge, exaggerate, embellish, or just plain lie? Shame on you!

We are all a little bit intimidated by this question, kind of like with “Did you do all your homework?” back when we were in grade school. The bitter truth is that flossing at least once a day IS an all-important part of maintaining your oral health.

Adults, teenagers, and children all have excuses for why they don’t floss once a day. There isn’t enough time. I can’t reach in the back of my mouth to floss. I don’t like the taste. Sometimes it makes me bleed.

For all those who find flossing the least favourite part of their day, we have found some interesting dental floss flavours to keep you flossing. Depending on how risk averse you are, you may or may not want to try some of them.

Floss Flavours For Kids

You don’t necessarily need to be a kid to enjoy these wacky new flavours. Parents can admit they like them too.

Cupcake-flavoured dental floss sounds pretty good if you’re a child (or an adult). Tastes like vanilla icing and can be found at places like Amazon. Might save some calories if you substitute it for dessert.

Bubble gum dental floss would be a hit in any household with kiddos. Comes in a four-pack with different bubble gum flavours and is also available from Amazon.

A product known as monkey floss should intrigue your little ones. It tastes like bananas, so as long as they enjoy that fruit, it should be a winner. A practice that specializes in family dentistry might suggest this one for the youngest members of the family just because of the packaging.

Adult Floss Flavours

A his and hers floss kit contains a cherry-flavoured floss for her and — what else? — a bacon one for him. Might make for an interesting kiss.

Cocofloss claims to have a light fruit flavour with coconut oil to keep teeth white and sparkling.

Not sure how appealing these are, but you can always turn to:

  • Dill pickle floss
  • Breakfast floss like waffles, bacon, and coffee
  • In the mood for a salad? You can have ranch dressing flavoured floss. Hmm.

Conventional Flosses

If you are more conventional, you will probably stick with the traditional flavours of mint, mint, and mint. Boring but refreshing.

Anything a family dentistry practice can do to keep you flossing is a positive step. Let us know what crazy flavour you use or if you decide to try some of the above.

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