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Your oral health is an important part of your overall health, and at Oakville Place Dental Office we are a family dentistry that's here to help. We offer a range of oral health services to our Oakville patients, from routine check-ups and regular dental cleanings to more comprehensive care such as fillings, wisdom teeth removal, cosmetic care, and root canals.

Family Dentistry in Oakville
General Dentistry Service in Oakville

General Dentistry Services in Oakville

Cavities occur when tooth decay creates a hole in the tooth. Deep cavities allow bacteria to get into the pulp chamber of the tooth, which can cause infection.
Family Dental Services in Oakville

Family Dental Services in Oakville

The Oakville Place Dental Office provides your whole family with a broad range of dental services to meet your unique dental needs.
Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Oakville

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Oakville

Our experienced Oakville dentists offer the following cosmetic dentistry servicesA dental sealant is an acrylic-like material that helps shield out decay-causing bacteria from the chewing...
Teeth Whitening & Bleaching Services in Oakville

Teeth Whitening & Bleaching Service in Oakville

New patients must have a new patient exam and any required X-Rays. Contact us for more details today!
Children's Dentistry

Children's Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry is important here at Oakville Place Dental Office. Our goal is to make a child’s trip to the dentist as stress-free and as painless as possible.
Dental Prosthodontics Services

Dental Prosthodontics Services

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is designed to restore your dentition and hopefully with that your quality of life .
Endodontic Treatment in Oakville

Endodontic Treatment in Oakville

In the past, the idea of a root canal terrified most patients. But today, root canal therapy aka endodontic therapy is typically painless and the success rate is very high.
Dental Anesthesia Service

Dental Anesthesia & Dental Vibe

With new technologies the pain and discomfort associated with dental visits may become a thing of the past. Now millions of people who fear going to the dentist may have a new reason to smile.

Dental Care Service

Dr. Kazdan and Dr. Solomon are general dentists who provide a full range of dental services in a modern comfortable dental office. We specialize in family dentistry, teeth cleaning, dental sealants, fillings, full service dental checkups...

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Dr. Steven Solomon
Dr. Solomon
Dr. Jonathan Kazdan
Dr. Kazdan
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How long has Oakville Place Dental Office been in existence and how long have Dr. Solomon and Dr....

Dr. Solomon and Dr. Kazdan both grew up in Toronto and were classmates who graduated from the University of Toronto Dental school in 1990. After this, they each associated in the Greater Toronto Area for three years before establishing Oakville Place Dental Office in 1993. They’ve enjoyed practicing in the Oakville area for almost 25 years, and have had some patients for well over 20 years!

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The 3 Top Tips for Recovering From a Root Canal Posted on 29 Jun 2022 by

A root canal is a common, necessary treatment to repair any damage that is no longer treatable with a simple filling. It is still less invasive than other treatments such as dental implants. The recovery time is certainly faster, and the pain is also lessened. Read More

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