Winners of The Oakville Beaver – Readers Choice Awards
Winners of The Oakville Beaver – Readers Choice Awards

General Dentistry Services in Oakville


General dentistry services

Cavities occur when tooth decay creates a hole in the tooth. Deep cavities allow bacteria to get into the pulp chamber of the tooth, which can cause infection. Almost everyone has experienced a cavity at some point in their life. Although they are very common, they are 100% preventable with daily brushing and flossing.


It’s important that cavities are treated promptly to avoid infection, toothache and root canals. Once a filling has lost its seal, a cavity will quickly form.

Wisdom Teeth

Through the course of evolution, the human jaw has decreased in size, but the number of teeth remains the same. When wisdom teeth make their appearance, there’s often not enough room to accommodate them. Removal of wisdom teeth is recommended when there is an opportunity for infection to arise or when they create discomfort.

Root Canal

Do I need A Root Canal? The whole purpose of a root canal is to save your tooth from an infected tooth and/or tooth decay. A root canal is required when the nerve of the tooth has been infected. A root canal removes the infected nerve area of the tooth before it is cleaned and sealed to prevent tooth decay from reoccurring. The only alternative is to remove the tooth and then replace it with an artificial one (bridge or implant).

Braces (orthodontics)

Braces are the effective for straightening teeth – especially when teeth are severely crowded. The investment in braces can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. However, having a beautiful smile isn’t just about aesthetics, having properly aligned teeth can positively affect your dental health. It’s a lot easier to clean straight teeth which is essential for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.


Plaque effects everyone. Overtime, food residue and sugars stick to the saliva coating in your mouth which then produces plaque buildup on your teeth and gums. It is important to address plaque buildup in your mouth as gum disease and tooth decay can become more of a prominent issue. If dental plaque buildup increases by more than 4 millimeters  then your dentist may recommend dental scaling as a solution. 

Periodontal Care, Surgery, and Tissue Grafting

This treatment is solely to help prevent or the severe development of periodontal disease. Your Periodontist will commence an examination of your gums to determine what course of preventative action is best suited for your condition. You may also be recommended surgery to help remove pockets via periodontal gum surgery. In some situations where gum recession exists then tissue grafting can be implemented. A thin lining of tissue will be applied on the affected area to ultimately protect the exposed root surfaces of your teeth. 

General dental care services

Other Services

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Your oral health is an integral aspect of overall wellness. At Oakville Place Dental Office, we have a dedicated emergency dentist team in Oakville, providing family dentistry services. We offer a wide range of oral health care, from routine check-ups and cleanings to comprehensive treatments like fillings, wisdom teeth removal, cosmetic procedures, and root canals.

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