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Dr. Steven Solomon

Dr. Steven Solomon grew up in the central Toronto area attending AY Jackson Secondary School. With A keen interest in math and science, Dr. Solomon attended the University of Toronto with a major in biochemistry. After 2 years of undergraduate studies he was accepted into the dentistry program at the University of Toronto and completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1990.

With a long history of providing care to the Oakville community, we have grown this office to cater to what I believe the Oakville area wants in a dental office. We provide the full range of dental care including root canal therapy, cosmetic fillings, crowns, bridges, implants and periodontal care. We provide a full range of care but, if we believe you are better treated at a specialist for a certain procedure, we will refer you to one or may have one in our very office for you to see. In other words we really try to find the best solution for your needs and will discuss it fully with you.

Dr. Steven Solomon

Our front desk is extremely good at sending estimates for dental care and accurately determining your costs for treatment.

On top of that we will directly bill your insurance company where possible and let you know precisely the cost of your treatment.

We have computers, cameras and a comfortable environment to show you, on a live screen, all needs and clearly define your options and costs.

Dr. Solomon enjoys all facets of dentistry including periodontal care, endodontics, crown and bridge therapy, family care, and, of course, having practiced in Oakville area, a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry.

Having practiced in the Oakville area since 1993, Dr. Solomon prides himself on the many long term patients that his practice cares for.

In my opinion, dental care is best delivered for a patient when the patient maintains a long term quality relationship with a dentist he trusts. Communication and trust are the keys to good patient care. With good communication and continuity of care, patients can expect and realize a very high level of oral health care throughout their lives.

We are now in an age where people expect to keep their smile and teeth throughout their life. In the rare instances where teeth are lost, we can usually fully replace them with dental implants but, for the majority of patients, long term oral health is an expectation we aim to meet.

Having practiced since 1993 in the Oakville Place mall, we have seen Oakville grow up and our patients too. We routinely see the children of our early patients now all grown up and often with families of their own. It’s a great feeling.

In his spare time Dr. Solomon is a fitness buff who enjoys most outdoor activities including golf, tennis, cycling and more. His free time is primarily spent with his wife Nicole and their 3 Kids.

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