Family Dental Services in Oakville

The Oakville Place Dental Office provides your whole family with a broad range of dental services to meet your unique dental needs. Our friendly, experienced team of dentists and hygienists strive to make each and every visit to the dentist a minimal discomfort and stress-free experience. Dental clinic with a relaxing ambience coupled with a modern comfortable office located centrally within Oakville Place Mall your family will receive in our opinion the best dental experience, we can provide you.

Our general dentistry services include:

  • Dental cleanings
  • Dental sealants to prevent cavities
  • Cavity fillings
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Root canals

As a full-service family dentistry , our skilled and friendly team can provide your family with more extensive services that range from teeth whitening to dental implants, the removal of wisdom teeth with sedation and more.

Consult Our Experienced Family Dentist in Oakville For the Best Results

Whatever dental services your family is in need of today, our dentistry has the skills, experience and equipments necessary to help you to achieve the best results possible. Whether you need to schedule regular dental cleaning services for you or your family needs help choosing the correct orthodontist or perhaps are particularly nervous to see the dentist, we are here to help.

Your goal is to find a team of friendly dental professionals who can help your whole family have brighter, healthier smiles. We share this goal with you, and we strive to accomplish that goal by providing the highest quality dentistry services to every patient in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Call us to schedule your first appointment with Oakville Place Dental Office. After just one appointment, you will see first-hand how pleasant and enjoyable dental services can be!

Other Services

Browse our selection of the many different services that we provide here at Oakville Place Dental. If you have any questions regarding the services that we provide, then click here to contact us so that we can clarify your inquiries

General Dentistry Services in Oakville

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Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Oakville

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Smiling Brighter With Confidence segment

Your oral health is an important part of your overall health, and at Oakville Place Dental Office we are a family dentistry that’s here to help. We offer a range of oral health services to our Oakville patients, from routine check-ups and regular dental cleanings to more comprehensive care such as fillings, wisdom teeth removal, cosmetic care, and root canals.


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