Winners of The Oakville Beaver – Readers Choice Awards
Winners of The Oakville Beaver – Readers Choice Awards

Family Dentistry Services in Oakville

Family Dental Services in Oakville

The Oakville Place Dental Office is a full-service dental clinic focused on family care. We provide a comprehensive range of dental services and personalized dental treatment plans to meet each family member’s unique needs. With over 25 years of experience helping Oakville families maintain healthy teeth and gums, our friendly, experienced team of dentists and hygienists make each and every dental visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible. When you are seeking an Oakville Dental clinic with a relaxing ambiance, a modern, comfortable office, and superior dental care focused on lifelong dental health, our best dental team in Oakville is ready to manage all of your dental care needs. Conveniently located at Oakville Place Mall, you can feel confident that your family will receive the best dental experience from a team committed to your care.

A Commitment to Optimum Dental Health

Our team takes a proactive approach to dental care, ensuring you receive the proper preventative treatments to maintain healthy teeth and gums. We are committed to superior dental care with individualized treatment plans based on your specific needs. Whether you are looking for that picture-perfect smile or require specific dental treatments, we will assess your needs and offer professional advice to ensure you receive the highest quality dental care that is comfortable and stress-free. Your comfort and health are our top priority, with state-of-the-art operatories designed for superior care in an unexpectedly relaxing environment. As a result, we are changing how patients experience dental care with a focus on comfort, friendly service, and education-based patient care.

Child-Focused Dental Care

We have taken every possible step to create a relaxing environment for kids. Our welcoming environment makes kids feel safe and comfortable setting the stage for long-lasting relationships. This helps ensure your children enjoy dental health for life. Children must develop good dental habits as early as possible. By creating positive experiences, we ensure they never fear dental appointments. Little details such as background music, TV screens in each operatory, and PS4 and PS5 consoles in the waiting room let children know there is no reason to feel nervous when visiting our office. Our team offers expert Pediatric Dentistry and pain-free care for all dental cleanings and treatments. We partner with parents to share valuable information so you make informed decisions and help your children develop healthy teeth that will last their lifetime.

Your Oakville Full-Service Family Dentist

Our dental services include:

We are a full-service family dentistry clinic with a skilled and friendly team providing extensive services for your family’s needs. When you have questions, our team is ready to provide detailed answers to set your mind at ease. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship where you can feel free to discuss your concerns. We ensure you understand all treatments and the options we offer to reduce stress, prevent dental anxiety, and create the most positive experience for each appointment.

Other Dental Services

Please browse our selection of the many services we provide here at Oakville Place Dental. If you have any questions regarding our services, click here to contact us so we can clarify your inquiries.

Our Team of Dental Professionals

For the past 25 years, we have created a team of dental professionals who share our belief that dentistry should be a comfortable, positive experience. Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships with our patients and the team of professionals here to serve you. Most of our assistants and Hygienists have been with us for an extended time, so you are always sure to be greeted by friendly, familiar faces. In addition, we are committed to ongoing education to maintain the highest level of knowledge and use the latest technology to ensure you receive the ultimate level of care.

Keeping Your Family Safe and Healthy

We have always maintained the optimum standards of safety and hygiene protocols. We use extensive sterilization procedures and infection control best practices before and after each and every appointment. In addition, an air filtration unit is used in each operatory and our waiting rooms to reduce germs and bacteria to keep your family and our entire team healthy.

Convenient Oakville Place Mall Location

Our office is conveniently located at Oakville Place Mall. Parking is free, and you can stroll the mall while family members are at their appointments. You can also kill two birds with one stone by taking care of shopping and dental appointments in one trip.

Consult Our Experienced Family Dentist in Oakville For the Best Results

Whatever dental services your family needs, our dental team has the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to help you to achieve the best possible results. Whether scheduling regular dental cleaning services for you or your family, choosing the correct orthodontist, or seeking gentle dental care that helps reduce stress for those with dental anxiety, we are here to help.

Your goal is to find a team of friendly dental professionals who can help your whole family have brighter, healthier smiles. We share this goal and provide every patient with the highest quality dentistry services. You will discover the difference a friendly and comfortable environment makes in creating a positive experience for all your dental appointments.

Call us to schedule your first appointment with Oakville Place Dental Office. After just one appointment, you will see first-hand how pleasant dental services can be!
Experienced Family Dentist in Oakville

Other Services

Browse the wide range of dental services that we provide here at Oakville Place Dental. If you have any questions regarding the services that we provide, then click here to contact us so that we can clarify your inquiries

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Smiling Brighter With Confidence segment

Your oral health is an integral aspect of overall wellness. At Oakville Place Dental Office, we have a dedicated emergency dentist team in Oakville, providing family dentistry services. We offer a wide range of oral health care, from routine check-ups and cleanings to comprehensive treatments like fillings, wisdom teeth removal, cosmetic procedures, and root canals.

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