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Chairside Economical Restoration Of Esthetic CeramicsOakville Place Dental Office strives to provide the best treatment we can for our patients. This why we have obtained CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic), the world leader in CAD/CAM dental technology. CAD/CAM is a field of dentistry and prosthetics that stands for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing. These tools are used to improve the design and creation of dental restorations. Our staff has successfully completed training and are now certified CEREC providers!

How Does CEREC Work?

CEREC software creates a virtual model of a patient’s tooth based on dental impressions. CEREC makes it possible to produce and insert ceramic restorations in a single appointment. Without CEREC, it can take up to weeks to get a crown back from the dental lab. In addition, more patients find that digital impressions are more comfortable than more traditional methods of taking impressions. CEREC replaces more complicated, and sometimes messy plaster and molds. Digital impressions are easier and can be done within minutes. This cutting-edge technology generates an exact virtual copy of the tooth. Restorations are convenient, quick and comfortable with CEREC.

What Does CEREC Mean For Our Patients?

With CEREC our patients can now receive crowns or veneer inlay restorations in the same day as they’re made! Making them in-house means there is no need for our patients to come back for multiple appointments. Everything from the digital impressions to the computer-based construction of the restoration to the milling process can be carried out within our office.

The Benefits of CEREC

  1. For restorations that need to be fixed sooner than later for aesthetic purposes, there is no need for patients to hide their smile until their next appointment or until treatment is complete.
  2. CEREC speeds up the treatment process. Patients no longer need to make multiple trips to the dentist to get their final crown or veneer put in.
  3. Patients no longer have to rely on a temporary crowns that can fall out and aren’t the most reliable.
  4. CEREC replaces traditional impressions that can often be uncomfortable.
  5. The porcelain materials used for CEREC crowns are durable and can be matched to the natural shade of your teeth.

Oakville Place Dental Office strives to provide the best treatment we can for our patients so they can have a painless and stress-free dental experience. If you have a dental emergency, be sure to contact us. We promise a comfortable experience and will restore your smile in no time!

CEREC Cutter
CEREC Cutter
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CEREC Scanner
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