Winners of The Oakville Beaver – Readers Choice Awards
Winners of The Oakville Beaver – Readers Choice Awards

Children's Dentist in Oakville

Children's dentistry service in Oakville

Pediatric Dentistry is important here at Oakville Place Dental Office. Our goal is to make a child’s trip to the dentist as stress-free and as painless as possible. We understand how important it is for children to develop good dental habits and believe that a positive experience will encourage them to care for their teeth as they grow into adults. Having a healthy and bright smile is important in life and children’s dentistry helps to ensure that your child is off to a good start by teaching them proper oral hygiene habits.

Why Pediatric Dentistry Is Important

  • Ensures the development of healthy teeth and gums
  • Establishing proper oral hygiene habits can help to prevent tooth decay
  • Pediatric dental disease is the #1 chronic childhood disease
  • Oral hygiene contributes to overall health and wellbeing
  • If learned at a young age, proper oral hygiene habits are more likely to stick into adulthood

Why Children Love Oakville Place Dental Office

Going into a strange environment can be extremely distressing for a child, causing undue anxiety and fear. We work hard to make our environment friendly and welcoming to your child. Our team is experienced in treating children and we understand how to engage the child while performing dentistry duties such as cleanings , fillings, sealant, and other children’s dental procedures.

Painless Procedures

We know that many children fear going to the dentist because of the pain and discomfort associated with the visit. This is why we offer a number of options to make your child’s experience pain free, regardless of whether we are conducting a simple cleaning, filling a cavity, or pulling a baby tooth. This causes your child to feel more at ease and makes it easier for you to bring them into our office. It will also encourage your child to visit a dentist regularly, even as they grow older and move into adulthood.

Our office also has television sets mounted in each operatory as a fun distraction and provide PlayStation terminals. Recently we began to offer the dental vibe prior to dental anesthesia. This is a vibrating tool that minimizes any sensation of pain during the injection process . Its is very good for nervous children or nervous children at heart

Education Reduces Fear

Education is one of the most effective ways to teach children the importance of good dental care. For this reason we take the time to answer the questions your children have and to explain to them about teeth and how important it is to take care of them and keep them clean. We also encourage your child to be curious about their teeth which will induce them to be more conscious about how they care for them.

We Partner With Parents

Our helpful staff will work with you as a partner in your child’s dental needs, providing you with valuable information so that you can make the right decisions. Together we can ensure that your child will develop healthy teeth that will last them throughout their lifetime.

Our office is equipped with the latest dental technology in all the examining rooms and the room allowing us to show you clearly options and treatments available.

For children many dental procedures are available in well made cartoon format and are a lot of fun to watch.

Experienced Family Dentists

Dr Solomon and Dr Kazdan have been providing dental care to children in oakville for over 25 years.

Being in the Oakville area, we happen to have many children and teenagers who come to our practice and we are delighted to provide dental care for them.

Should your child require specialized care that would be best treated by a dental specialist, we will discuss with you all options and costs and refer you where needed to the ideal specialist of choice.

Pediatric dentistry services

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