5 Solutions To Reduce Your Gummy Smile

2 October 2017

At some time in your life you have met someone who had a gummy smile. Sometimes it’s all you see when they smile at you. You only notice their gums, not their eyes or their beautiful teeth. Maybe that person is you.

We all have flaws, real or imagined, that we don’t like about our face and our smile. If you hate your gummy smile, we will suggest some solutions.

What Makes For The Perfect Smile

The so-called “optimal smile” should reveal the least amount of gum tissue. The upper lip should sit just at or above the top of the teeth.

First Things First

If you are truly unhappy about your gummy smile, your first step should be to visit a dentist who specializes in family dentistry. Before you can determine the solution to a gummy smile, you need to find out the reasons why more gum than teeth is visible when you smile.

There are a number of reasons this occurs, but only a professional can diagnose the reasons by conducting an examination. Treatment is based on the diagnosis and what exactly is causing you to look so gummy when you smile.

Some causes are genetic and include:

  • A short upper lip
  • Excessive gum tissue
  • Small teeth
  • An improper or uncomfortable bite

The family dentistry professionals at Oakville Place Dental Office will determine the cause and suggest some solutions.

5 Solutions To A Gummy Smile

Some fixes are less invasive than others. Some include surgical intervention.

Botox Injections

This is a short-term fix because you will need to have it done every few months. Botox is injected into the upper lip to freeze the muscles and prevent contraction of the upper lip when you smile. This is a less invasive way to determine if you prefer your new look.

Lip Filler Injections

Gel substances like Juvederm are injected into the upper lip to make it fuller. This results in the gums being less noticeable. More expensive than Botox.

Laser or Scalpel Gingivectomy Surgery

Also known as a gum lifting procedure, this involves removing some of the gum tissue (and sometimes bone) to expose more teeth. It is a sculpting procedure to even out the gum line, making for a more natural smile.

Lip Repositioning Surgery or Lip Lowering Procedure

Here a small strip of tissue from the inside of the upper lip is removed. The cut is then sutured to the gums, which prevents your lip from moving up too much when you smile. An extra bonus is noticed by many women, who find they have a fuller upper lip after the procedure.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Reserved only for very severe cases, this surgery repositions the upper jaw.

If you are truly bothered by a gummy smile, trust in the family dentistry specialists. Contact Oakville Place Dental Office for an appointment.

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