Tips For Scheduling A Dental Appointment That Works Best For Your Life

4 December 2017

We all understand that regular dental appointments are a vital part of our oral health. When it’s time to make those appointments either as a new patient or an established one, keep a number of things in mind. We want our time to be spent efficiently, and so does the dentist. Haphazardly scheduling future appointments with no regard to the day of the week, or time of day, usually ends needing to be a re-scheduled, or even worse, forgotten.

If this is how you normally schedule dental appointments, let us clue you into some tips for scheduling dental appointments that work best for your life.

You and your dentist will be happy you did.

Find A Family-Friendly Dentist

If you are searching for a new dentist, then your first tip is to search out a family dentist.. A dental practice that refers to itself as a family one is most likely conscious of the time constraints of a family. Multiple patients and appointments need to be accommodated, and they will make every effort to make it work for you.

A family-friendly dentist appreciates how valuable your time is.

A family-friendly dentist will also help you to schedule children’s appointments so they miss the least amount of school time, and will provide a note for the teacher or administration.

Provide Specific Patient Information

When scheduling your dental appointment, state the purpose for your visit, and who the patient is.

Are you scheduling a routine cleaning? Is it for your child? Is the patient fearful? Is this the first visit in some time? All this information will help the practice decide how much time should be allotted for the visit. It will also give you the opportunity to recognize if the appointment options given will work for you.

Consider Your Family And Work Schedule

If you can only make late afternoon appointments for yourself or children, be specific when making the appointment. If you have the ability to take a long lunch at your workplace, maybe a midday appointment will fit your lifestyle.

Early morning appointments are usually best for anyone on tight time restraints. As long as you know your dental professional is punctual, this might be right for you.

Be especially conscientious to be on time yourself.

If you tend to schedule at the end of an appointment, choose the same day and time.

Find A Dentist With Available Saturday Appointments

Not all dental practices have hours on Saturdays, so choose one that will accommodate you. Most family dentists like Oakville Place Dental Office are open on Saturdays for your convenience.

If you have issues finding a dentist who will work within your lifestyle, look no further. Contact Oakville Place Dental Office.

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