Have You Seen Your Dentist Recently? 4 Benefits Of Regular Check-Ups

8 September 2017

“Ignorance is bliss, ” or so we’ve heard. Maybe that works with some things in life, but not your oral health. You take a big chance if you decide to skip regular check-ups. Just because you brush frequently and floss and you are not experiencing any pain does not mean that you should put off seeing your dentist.

Be honest: Have you seen your dentist recently? If not, here are 4 benefits of regular check-ups.

Protecting Your Smile

Regular dental check-ups help you smile confidently. A professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup, and any stains from coffee, tea, wine, tobacco and smoking.

Regular check-ups and cleaning will also help prevent bad breath.

Preventing Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

The greatest cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease. You can prevent its advancement by seeing your dentist at regular intervals. It is always best to catch issues early before they become problematic.

Gum disease, or gingivitis, starts with invisible plaque building up on your teeth and gums, spreading bacteria. Over time your teeth and gums become damaged and begin to swell, get irritated, and become puffy. Unless this is caught early, it can progress to a more serious kind of gum disease known as periodontitis. These infections can destroy the bone and ultimately cause tooth loss.

Gum disease contributes to many other health issues, including heart disease. In fact, a recent study at UC Berkeley concluded that women who have regular dental check-ups have less risk of heart disease.

Protecting Your Overall Health

During an exam dental professionals like those at Oakville Place Dental Office protect your overall health by screening and evaluating some serious health issues. Diabetes and heart disease are impacted by gum disease.

A patient with diabetes, a patient who is a smoker, or a patient who has some form of heart disease may want to see their dentist more than once a year.

In addition, during a professional dental exam, your entire mouth, tongue, and neck will be checked for oral cancer or TMJ.

Saving Time And Money

I think we can all agree on this benefit, and we could probably add in preventing pain too. Sometimes you may not realize you have a small cavity or a tooth that has become compromised.

Don’t wait until you feel pain to visit the dentist. Cavities, a broken tooth, or any number of issues can be treated before they become costly and time consuming to fix.

Dentists will recommend how often a patient should come in for a routine exam. It may be once a year, or your professional may want to evaluate your oral health more frequently.

Children are more likely to begin a regimen of lifetime dental maintenance if you bring them for regular check-ups when they are young.

Make an appointment today at Oakville Place Dental Office for you and everyone in your family.

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