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28 December 2016

Is It Safe To Have A Root Canal While Pregnant?

Having a baby is a thrilling time filled with lots of anticipation. To be clear, it can also be full of unknowns, making the expectant mom anxious and wary. There are surely lots of traditional do’s and don’ts while pregnant, but one important do is to maintain your dental health. Let’s talk... Read More

14 December 2016

How Is Tooth Erosion Different From...

Tooth erosion is different from tooth decay. Let’s begin by stating both... Read More

28 November 2016

5 Foods And Beverages That Stain Your...

If you have been using toothpastes, rinses and kits to help whiten your... Read More

14 November 2016

Tips To Prepare For Your Oral Surgery

“I am really looking forward to my oral surgery,” said no one ever!... Read More

10 October 2016

How To Handle A Fractured Or Broken...

Ouch! If you have ever taken a bite of something only to realize you just broke... Read More

3 October 2016

How To Prevent Children’s Cavities At...

Time to dress up the little ones in their favourite superhero costumes,... Read More

12 September 2016

4 Possible Reasons Why You Have Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be very uncomfortable, and can even prevent you from... Read More

5 September 2016

Tips To Prevent Tooth Decay In Children

There are many reasons why your child might have tooth decay. For babies and... Read More

17 August 2016

6 Things That Happen When You Ignore...

Ignoring your scheduled dental visit can lead to a host of oral health issues,... Read More

8 July 2016

Chew On This: The Facts About Chewing...

Is Chewing Gum Bad for Your Teeth? After a meal or a long day at work,... Read More

10 June 2016

The Difference between Teeth Whitening...

There are some things a lot of us can agree on. “You can never be too... Read More