How To Prevent Children’s Cavities At Halloween

Time to dress up the little ones in their favourite superhero costumes, princess dresses, and all manner of goblins and ghouls. They can’t wait for the big day, but many parents find this holiday a battle. With the excess candy and other sweets they will come home with, and of course want to devour, the battle becomes how to prevent children’s cavities at Halloween. Read More

Reasons Why You Have Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be very uncomfortable, and can even prevent you from completing tasks, like working or eating. What might have started out as a mild uncomfort could become intense throbbing around your jaw line. Read More

Prevent Tooth Decay In Children

There are many reasons why your child might have tooth decay. For babies and toddlers, despite their still-growing teeth, are still highly susceptible to cavities. Read More

Remember Your Scheduled Dental Visits

Ignoring your scheduled dental visit can lead to a host of oral health issues, including cavities, disease, pain, bad breath, stained teeth, tooth loss and more. Read More

After a meal or a long day at work, chewing gum is the perfect way to freshen breath and clean your mouth. With misinformation about chewing gum prevalent on the Internet, it’s tough to know if chewing gum is helpful or harmful to teeth. Read More

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How long has Oakville Place Dental Office been in existence and how long have Dr. Solomon and Dr....

Dr. Solomon and Dr. Kazdan both grew up in Toronto and were classmates who graduated from the University of Toronto Dental school in 1990. After this, they each associated in the Greater Toronto Area for three years before establishing Oakville Place Dental Office in 1993. They’ve enjoyed practicing in the Oakville area for almost 25 years, and have had some patients for well over 20 years!

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