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20 April 2016

The Awesome History and Future of Dental Veneers

Nothing exudes confidence more than a bright beautiful smile. Next to your handshake in a job interview, it is the next all-important “first impression” you will make. That is why over the years cosmetic dentistry and especially dental veneers have become so popular. Maybe you’re not... Read More

5 April 2016

6 Ways To Make Brushing Your Teeth Fun!

Explaining the importance of proper dental care is often not enough to... Read More

20 March 2016

5 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Visit...

Most children will happily go out for a movie and a bucket of popcorn. They... Read More

9 March 2016

Spring Cleaning For Your Teeth

Spring is almost officially here. As you begin to clear things out, mentally... Read More

8 March 2016

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Heart, Healthy...

Whether we are in a long term relationship or a budding romance, we all want to... Read More

3 February 2016

How to Get Your Smile Ready for...

Valentine’s Day is just days away! Everyone knows that chocolate,... Read More

15 January 2016

10 Best New Year’s Resolutions for...

As we look back on 2015, we start to reflect on the changes we want to... Read More