The Difference between Teeth Whitening vs. Teeth Bleaching

10 June 2016


There are some things a lot of us can agree on. “You can never be too rich or too thin,” might be one such belief. Other people might add one more. “Your teeth can never be too white.” That last part is debatable, but safe to say we all crave whiter teeth.

White teeth proudly scream youth, vitality, confidence and probably good oral hygiene. Everyone agrees that pearly white teeth are attractive, and we admire all those celebrities with sparkling white teeth. But how exactly did they get that way? Time for a lesson on the difference between teeth whitening vs. teeth bleaching.

Why Do Our Teeth Change Colour?

There are many reasons why our teeth get dull, grey, yellow or even brown. As we age they lose their white luster. Over the years our enamel wears down and miniscule cracks develop on the surface. This attracts debris and makes our teeth more susceptible to darkening and changing colour. Unfortunately, regular brushing will have little effect.

The foods we eat and what we drink also affect the look and colour of our smile. Too much coffee or tea, certain acidic fruits, and alcohol like red wine constantly stain our teeth. Smoking will also cause dark stains to develop.

Even the most conscientious person will not have the same white teeth at age 40 that they had at 18. So what should we do about it?

If you want to restore your teeth to their original natural colour, or if you want to “pump it up” further, you can look to teeth whitening or teeth bleaching.

Easy for You to Say

Whitening your teeth and bleaching your teeth basically sound like the same thing. You say tomato, I say…..

They are not exactly the same, though.

  • A teeth whitening product can boast that it whitens teeth, but not that it bleaches.
  • Whereas another product which bleaches teeth can say it bleaches and
    Sounds confusing, so let us explain.

Bleaching products contain an active ingredient like hydrogen peroxide (or carbamide peroxide) which releases oxygen to break down stains. These beaching products use the oxygen to whiten teeth beyond a natural looking colour. They get into the tiny crack to get teeth as white as possible.

A tooth whitener will obviously whiten teeth but can only bring them back to a natural colour from your youth. These are products like toothpastes, over the counter whitening gels, and strips. These type of whiteners contain abrasives that will remove stains, but no active ingredients to actually bleach.

Professional Teeth Bleaching

It is always best to choose a professional to get the best results if you want to whiten or bleach your teeth. When you choose over the counter products, there are many variables to consider. Strips won’t fit into all the angles of your teeth to give you a consistent colour. They are not customized to your individual teeth.

Fillings and crowns won’t always respond to the whiteners, and you will end up with varying colour.

At Oakville Place Dental Office we take cosmetic dentistry seriously and will treat you with the care you deserve. Our teeth bleaching strategies work wonders for both your smile and your self-confidence.
The gel we use in our treatment is safe, fast acting and is the most effective way to get brighter whiter teeth. Our trays are ultra-thin and customized to your teeth. This allows you to apply a concentrated gel to speed up your bleaching process.

You can choose from a range of in office or at home treatments knowing you will have the expertise to achieve the results you want.

*Right now we are offering a FREE Teeth Bleaching Treatment to all New Patients!*

Some restrictions apply. Contact our office to make an appointment and join our family of smiling patients for life.

A word of caution. If you want to whiten or bleach you teeth with an over the counter product, check with your dentist first. If you have sensitive gums, teeth or other issues like crowns and fillings, or severe stains, you need to be aware of the risks and consequences of using at home products.

Are you planning to go on a dream vacation, or maybe you are getting married? Perhaps you have several job interviews coming up or your friends have set you up with a blind date. It could just be time to refresh your smile and remove the stains that have collected over the years.

It’s time to have the smile of your dreams.
Contact Oakville Place Dental for a teeth bleaching treatment.

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