How To Handle A Fractured Or Broken Tooth

10 October 2016

Ouch! If you have ever taken a bite of something only to realize you just broke a tooth, you know it can be a little scary. Other situations can be more serious, like trauma to the face and teeth in a car accident or sporting event. In either case, whatever you do, never ignore it!

Even a broken tooth from biting down on a piece of hard candy or ice should be looked at by a dental professional and repaired as soon as possible.

A broken or fractured tooth is deemed a dental emergency and should not be ignored.

Instead, here’s how to handle a fractured or broken tooth.

Broken Teeth

A chipped or broken tooth usually occurs on the surface where we bite down. We normally can feel the roughness on our tongue, but there is rarely any pain, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not important.

See your dentist as soon as possible as a broken tooth is easily repaired in most situations. The danger occurs if the nerve inside the tooth is damaged.

Fractured Or Cracked Teeth

A fractured or cracked tooth may not be as easy to detect. Some typical symptoms include:

  • If you have a sensation from hot or cold food and drink
  • Pain that comes and goes
  • If it hurts when you release a bite of food rather than when you bit down

A cracked tooth moves from the chewing surface toward the root and can be treated with a root canal or crown. If the crack progresses and reaches below the gum, it may not be possible to save the tooth and it may need to be extracted.

The best course of action if you suspect you have a fractured or cracked tooth is to see your dental professional as soon as you can. An early diagnosis can save your tooth.

If you cannot get to a dentist immediately it is advised that you rinse your mouth with warm water and use ice if there is pain or bleeding.

Depending on the severity of the break, crack or fracture, you should also do the following until you are able to see your dentist:

  • Take an OTC pain medication
  • Maintain a liquid or soft diet
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything with extreme temperatures

Best practice is to always consult a dental professional as soon as possible.
Contact the professionals at Oakville Dental Place.
We are here to repair any broken, fractured or cracked teeth and treat any emergency quickly and with the utmost of care.

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