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1 February 2010

Getting the Most Out of Going to the Dentist Office

When it comes to being fully informed about keeping your teeth healthy and all other things dental, there is obviously no one better to talk to than a dentist. However, many of us find ourselves “freezing up” a bit once we actually arrive at a dental office for a variety of... Read More

29 December 2009

Spotlight on Oakville 1: Delicious...

All of the talk on this blog about teeth and keeping them healthy has... Read More

21 October 2009

The Many Different Types of Dentists

If you tell someone that you are a medical doctor, chances are they will... Read More

31 August 2009

National Dentist Appreciation Day

There are two professions that I feel get a bad rap in our society:... Read More

29 July 2009

The Top 10 Reasons People Avoid Going...

We surveyed 100 people during lunchtime last week in beautiful Oakville,... Read More

29 July 2009

Welcome to our Blog!

The staff at Oakville Place Dental Office is proud to announce... Read More