Spotlight on Oakville 1: Delicious Healthy Food in Oakville

29 December 2009

All of the talk on this blog about teeth and keeping them healthy has gotten us here at Oakville Place Dental Office thinking about what teeth are really for, and that’s eating! Eating healthy food is important to maintaining a good quality of life (and, of course, to protect your teeth as well), and there are many great places right here in Oakville ready to satisfy any healthy appetite.

One type of food that is always satisfying AND healthy is sushi (as long as you avoid the tempura!), and our favorite sushi place in Oakville is definitely Crazy Sushi. At first, the name might make you think that the sushi might be fired out of some sort of cannon, sliced in the air by a kamikaze sushi chef, and then caught in the mouth of the customer (or some other “crazy” scenario), but the only thing crazy about this place is how crazy we are about it!They always use the freshest ingredients, never have any MSG in their food and they even have a teppanyaki room (that’s the style of cooking where the chef grills the food right in front of you and then puts it right on your plate; can’t get any fresher than that!).

One of the first things one usually orders at a Japanese restaurant is miso soup, and right from the start Crazy Sushi will impress. We recommend trying the spicy salmon miso noodle soup (no fried noodles) or the spicy chicken miso noodle soup, which are both as good as they sound. But, alas, what would a place with a name like Crazy Sushi be without something unusual? For that we favor the highly original concept of the sushi pizza! That’s right, sushi pizza features a delicious crisp rice patty for the crust, topped with fresh salmon sashimi & sweet roasted garlic aioli.

When it comes to eating out, sometimes you just have to find a place that really goes the extra mile in the dining experience, and for us that equals a visit to the Twisted Fork ( Fresh, high quality and often organic cuisine is served in an atmosphere that is sophisticated, yet casual at the same time. When it comes to Italian fusion cuisine, these guys do it all, from fresh seafood linguine to something we love called “basa cantalan,” which is fish slow-cooked with capers and a delicious sauce served over basmati rice. And, best of all, they specialize in catering to any healthy eating plan that you may have.

Of course, sometimes you have to just go all out, and Twisted Fork is there for the occasion. They also provide catered food for special events, and are going to be putting something extra-special together for your next holiday meal: turducken! That’s right; a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken, with stuffing all throughout! How’s that for going all out?!

So, why not go out right now and treat yourself to some great, healthy food made right here in Oakville. All this talk about food has gotten us hungry, so we’re going to go eat!

Bon appetit!

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