The Many Different Types of Dentists

21 October 2009

If you tell someone that you are a medical doctor, chances are they will respond to you by asking, “what type of doctor are you?” But, if you were to say that you are a dentist instead (I would only recommend that you do this if you actually are a dentist!), chances are they would probably not inquire as to what area of dentistry that you practice. The simple fact is, most people wrongly assume that all dentists are general dentists. However, besides being accredited as a general dentist, there are a plethora of other areas that dentists often go on to specialize in. Therefore, I would like to shed a little light on some of the many different types of dentists and the areas they specialize in.

Pediatric dentists specialize in caring for children. These dentists are experts at putting young patients at ease. That first trip to the dentist can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience for a young child, and these folks are studied experts at dealing with these sorts of situations. In addition to their training at dealing with children, pediatric dentists also have special training for dealing with those folks with extreme phobias of the dental chair, as well as those with mental or physical disabilities.

Another dental specialist that many have heard of, and been treated by, is the orthodontist. As you probably know, these are the professionals that deal with the misalignment issues of the teeth and jaws. If you had braces as a child, it was the orthodontist who applied them. However, orthodontists perform more than just the cosmetic task of making a smile better to look at. For example, orthodontists treat misaligned teeth, which can effect a patient’s ability to perform such common everyday tasks as eating and talking. Also, sleep apnea, a dangerous and quite common condition in which one temporarily pauses breathing during sleep, can also be the purview of the orthodontist.

Speaking of surgery, the specialists when it comes to dental surgery of all kinds are called oral and maxillofacial surgeons. These folks are responsible for using surgery to treat a wide variety of problems concerning the areas of the teeth and jaw. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons (maxillofacial, by the way, means the upper-jaw and face) specialize in everything from difficult tooth extractions to treating TMJ.

Endodontists, with the “endo” being Greek for “inside” and the “dontist” part meaning teeth (don’t worry, there will not be a quiz after this blog post!), are dental experts who have special skills when it comes to dealing with the insides of teeth. If you have a problem with the interior of a tooth, these dentists are the specialists who can get to the “root” of the problem (couldn’t resist that pun).

And there are many more types of dentists including:

Periodontists: Experts when it comes to your gums.
Oral Pathologists: Dentists who deal with diseases of the mouth.
Prosthodontists: Dentists who specialize in creating replacement teeth such as dentures and bridgework.

I could go on and on, but I think that you get my point. Being a dentist does not necessarily mean being a general dentist. So perhaps the next time you are meet a dentist, you can now proudly ask him or her, “what do you specialize in?”

Dr. M. D’Angelo is true to her roots, being born, raised and working in Oakville. Growing up, she attended Gladys Speers P.S., followed by spending her junior and high school years at Queen Elizabeth Park H.S.

Dr. D’Angelo earned her Honors Bachelor of Science in Biology at McMaster University in 1998, and then graduated as a dentist with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Western Ontario in 2002.

Dr. D’Angelo is a self-described ‘people-pleaser’ and is only satisfied by giving 100% of her attention to the dental care of every one of her patients. In her spare time, she enjoys watching soccer, cooking as well as relaxing with family and friends.

Female Dentistry

Oakville Place Dental Office is dedicated to making your trip to the dentist as comfortable as possible. With a range of dental services and a trusted team of professionals, we strive to improve and maintain healthy smiles and confidence, and change the perception of the once dreaded dentist appointment.

As part of this commitment, our dental clinic’s diverse team of experienced and approachable dentists includes Dr. M. D’Angelo. As a female dentist, Dr. D’Angelo has been regarded for her nurturing chairside manner, and for her empathy and general concern for the well-being for all of her patients.

Over 10 years of experience has allowed Dr. D’Angelo to develop the skills needed for her to provide the best care to patients young or old, male or female, calm or anxious. Working alongside Dr. S. Solomon, Dr. J. Kazdan and a fully trained and dedicated staff, Dr. D’Angelo is a valued asset to our diverse team.

Our dental office is dedicated to serve the wide-ranging needs of the Oakville community taking requests for emergency dental care, complex procedures, etc. We embrace and try to stay up-to-date with the technological advancements in our industry.

Each and every member of our team goes above and beyond to ensure every patient’s experience is comfortable from start to finish. With professional and friendly service, Oakville Place Dental Office is consistently helping our current and future patients, and strives each day to offer the leading dental care to all of Halton Region and beyond.

We welcome referrals of your family and friends and will provide the same outstanding care given to all of our patients!

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