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3 May 2021

6 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth don’t make you any wiser, in fact they have quite the opposite effect by causing more pain than gain. So why do we have them? Researchers believe that they were an evolutionary answer to the need for us to eat raw meat, veggies and roots. Wisdom teeth are late-stage molars that... Read More

1 April 2021

8 Important Questions to Ask Before...

Many of our patients have discovered the beauty of dental veneers. They offer... Read More

15 March 2021

The Most Common Dental Emergencies and...

Patients often think that dental emergencies only occur if they experience a... Read More

1 February 2021

10 Tooth Whitening Myths Debunked

Having a dazzling white smile takes some work. While it might seem everyone... Read More

1 January 2021

7 Questions to Ask Before Getting...

It’s always best to catch problems early on. One ounce of prevention is worth... Read More

7 December 2020

The Benefits of Tongue Scraping

Tongue scraping is a simple wellness routine that can change your oral health... Read More

2 November 2020

How to Properly Take Care of Your...

With proper care and maintenance, your dentures should last for about seven to... Read More

7 October 2020

Your Guide to a Brighter, Healthier...

Have you always wanted to know the secret to a beautiful, healthy smile? Now... Read More

7 September 2020

When Does Your Child Need a Space...

Taking good care of your child’s teeth involves more than just brushing... Read More

10 August 2020

How Does Thumb Sucking Impact Teeth?

Lots of babies and small children suck their thumbs. Like using a pacifier, it... Read More

13 July 2020

When to Save and When to Extract a Tooth

When your tooth gets infected, it might seem like the best decision to get a... Read More