Finding a Family Dentist: 4 Warning Signs To Watch For

8 February 2023

There are many reasons why you may need to find a new dentist. Maybe they retired, or you moved away for work or school. Whatever the reason may be, finding a new dentist and team can be daunting.

If your dentist is retiring, they can refer you to another who can take you on as a patient. But this is only sometimes the case, especially if you have moved to a new town or province. What if you have dentophobia, a fear of going to the dentist, or having any dental procedures done?

When looking for a new dentist, there are things you need to watch out for. These signs will tell you if the team is the right fit for you and your family or if you should look at another clinic.

You’re Treated Like a Number, Not a Person

Customer service is more than just being polite to the people who walk in the door. It’s about knowing them by their first name, knowing the names of their kids and other family members.

Every person has unique needs and a unique mouth. While the front staff doesn’t need to know about the ins and outs of your cavities, the dental team should be able to care for you and your mouth.

Being part of the dental clinic family means knowing you are being cared about and your worries or fears are taken care of professionally and respectfully.

They Priotize Money Over Your Care

When you talk to the team about routine care or even a dental procedure that you need, do they seem more concerned about what your insurance will cover or more interested in stressing the importance of paying the out-of-pocket deductible than actually addressing your concerns?

Have you had the same procedure more than once and felt like it’s more about the money than the care?

Yes, some dental procedures can be expensive, and a dental office is a business that needs to generate income. However, it should be about more than just money; it should be about the care you’re receiving and how your dental team will work to restore your natural smile and improve your oral health.

The team should be able and willing to talk to you about the procedure and explain why it’s necessary. If cost is an issue, and for many people, it can be, then the team should be able to work with you, looking at alternative treatments or payment plans to cover what the insurance won’t. However, it should be something other than the main focus of the dental team.

Their Practice Seems Outdated and Out-of-touch

Sitting in the chair makes it natural to look around at your surroundings. Are they clean? Do the dental instruments look like they have been sterilized or just came out of someone else’s mouth? You can ask for new sterile instruments if you are unsure, and if they refuse, you should ask yourself, “Why?”

A dentist will make sure things are clean enough to prevent the spread of infection. A great dentist will take this to the next level, ensuring the premises, all the instruments, staff, and even the tables and chairs are thoroughly cleaned regularly.

The team should be willing to talk to you about preventative measures, holistic or otherwise, to lessen required office visits. They should also have the latest technology available on-site to ensure that your treatments are done in as few visits as possible and in pain-reduced ways.

If you have doubts about the office you are considering going to, you can always check to see if they are in good standing with the Canadian Dental Association, which covers Canada as a whole, or you can check with the provincial association.

They Don’t Provide Proper Dental Care to Children

A lot of clinics advertise that they also do pediatric dentistry. But that doesn’t mean that they cater to all children.

In a perfect world, your child will sit still, listen, not fight and be the ideal patient. However, every child is different and has different needs. Your dental team needs to be able to recognize this and adapt the appointment to fit the child, not have the child match the appointment.

Do they take the time to sit down and explain and educate the child, and you as parents, in the importance of dental care, what they will be doing in the appointment, or even explain what tools they are using? A longer dental appointment should also be booked to avoid rushing you, your child, or even the dental team.

Family Dentistry Oakville

Oakville Place Dental has been looking after families for over 25 years, treating every person as a member of our own family.

From the moment you call, you will feel like you’re at home. We assess your needs and deal with them quickly and professionally. Our dental team works with you and with state-of-the-art CEREC Technology on-site to reduce the need for unnecessary repeat appointments.

Oakville Place Dental offers complete services from dental cleaning to emergency dentistry to pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, and much more.

With the ability to carry out procedures using Dental Vibe to make your visit as pain-free as possible and appointments to suit any schedule, we are the extended dental family you need.

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