6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do DIY Teeth Whitening at Home

15 March 2023

Everyone covets that perfect, bright, white smile! A healthy white smile signals youth and vitality and gives an alluring appearance. On the other hand, stained or yellowed teeth make people look older. They create self-consciousness when smiling as well. Using a tooth whitening kit is a natural solution for most people. However, there are reasons why you should receive professional tooth whitening in Oakville rather than a DIY kit.

Your teeth will naturally stain over time. Smoking, tea, coffee, and red wine are some things that can turn your teeth yellow. Furthermore, aging naturally discolours teeth because the enamel on your teeth is thin. When the enamel thins, it reveals yellow dentin. 

The factors mentioned above cause people to turn to home-whitening kits. DIY kits are more affordable for some, while others may enjoy them for their convenience. They don’t have to book an appointment to do it and can simply whiten their teeth whenever they choose.

However, while it may seem like a good idea, people need to be aware of the damage DIY kits can cause with each use. In this blog, we have covered six reasons why you shouldn’t rely on them. To learn more, keep reading ahead.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a DIY Teeth Whitening Kit

You might be asking yourself the following questions: Why shouldn’t I use a DIY kit? What’s the harm? The answer would be that it depends on various factors ranging from the kit’s contents to causing permanent tooth damage. While a DIY kit may be an easy, quick fix, it will come at the expense of your teeth if used for prolonged periods. 

  1. Irreversible enamel damage: Tooth enamel provides a hard shell surrounding the teeth. It acts as a barrier protecting the tooth’s inner layer (dentin). Without it, the teeth become more susceptible to decay and cavities. DIY kits can have chlorine dioxide in them. Chlorine dioxide is the same substance (acid) used to disinfect swimming pools and drinking water. 

    This substance is corrosive. While it removes challenging stains, it also removes the enamel from the teeth, thus exposing the dentin. Without the enamel’s protection, teeth are exposed to infections and damage.  

  2. Damage to gums: Gums provide protection against bacteria that causes disease. When your gums aren’t healthy, you can experience bleeding, irritation, and damage to bone tissue. When at-home whitening kits are used, you will be more susceptible to gum disease due to the hydrogen peroxide contained within the kit. 

    While hydrogen peroxide will provide a white smile, it does this by bleaching the stains. It does not remove any underlying particles. It also causes gum inflammation and can lead to gum recession. Gum recession exposes the teeth’s roots to infection and decay. Thus, people will experience discomfort while drinking hot and cold beverages and consuming certain foods.

    After a few days have lapsed, the stains will return, causing people to use the kit again and further damage their gums and enamel. The enamel can wear away entirely if a more abrasive kit is used. Both types of damage are irreversible if used excessively.

  3. Mouth infection: Tooth decay-causing mouth infections can affect the pulp chamber. As things further progress, it spreads to other body parts, generating complications. You can experience feeling unwell, have an increased breathing/heart rate, and suffer from a fever.

    DIY kits cause enamel and gum damage in addition to chemical wounds. This has the potential to lead to a mouth infection. However, if this is caught early, it can be treated. Yet, you should note that infections can quickly spread, requiring emergency dentistry if untreated. To avoid requiring an emergency appointment, it is best not to use the at-home kits to whiten your teeth. 

  4. Chemical burns: At-home whitening kits often require users to place a mouthguard containing active whitening ingredients in their mouth. These products claim that the guard must be placed in the mouth for a specific time to achieve optimum results. Since the kits contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide, there is a risk of chemical burns from spillage. 

    If these ingredients overflow from the mouthguard and into the mouth, you can experience severe chemical burns. The gums will become painful and pale because of the treatment. Additionally, you can burn the esophagus, stomach, and intestines if the ingredients are swallowed.

  5. Allergic reactions: Despite not being a common side effect, you must always consider the possibility of an allergic reaction. It can occur during or after kit usage and will cause blistering and burning of your gums/lips. In severe cases, people may experience challenges eating solid food or talking.

  6. Abrasive ingredients: Not only can a DIY kit negatively affect your smile, but whitening toothpaste can do the same as well. Abrasive ingredients are frequently added to toothpaste to clean the teeth and remove stains.

    Companies manufacturing whitening toothpaste will test the abrasiveness of the formula to ensure it is acceptable for use. Even so, high levels of abrasiveness can still remove the dentin and enamel. This, as a result, causes cavities, tooth sensitivity, and gum disease.

Why choose Oakville Place Dental?

Why should you obtain a professional tooth whitening instead of whitening your teeth yourself? Professionally whitened teeth will offer the following:

  • Our cleanings are more potent and last longer compared to DIY kits.

  • We can spot gum or tooth sensitivity and address it immediately. You will still receive a whitening treatment, but without aggravating sensitive areas.

  • Our dentists clean the teeth removing food, bacteria, and other factors contributing to staining.

  • Professional whitening provides full tooth coverage compared to the patchiness of DIY kits.

  • It provides better overall care for the teeth.

 Additionally, when whitening your teeth, we always advise that you book a dental appointment.

Regarding professional tooth whitening in Oakville, you should contact someone who offers the best possible treatment and uses the latest technology. At Oakville Place Dental Office, we are committed to providing you an enjoyable, comfortable experience each time you visit. 

Please book your appointment for teeth whitening in our office at 647-496-2721 or visit our website here.

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