What To Do If You Have A Broken Tooth

6 March 2017

One of the more serious emergency dental services is broken tooth repair. At Oakville Place Dental Office we regularly handle these kinds of emergencies. So, to answer the question, “What do you do if you have a broken tooth?” Do not procrastinate. Seek the care of a dental professional as soon as possible.

Breaking a tooth can be quite scary, especially if it is right in the front where it can be readily seen. There are some things you can do until you are able to see a dentist.

Then your dental professional has several procedures available for fixing a broken tooth.

Broken Tooth Repair At Home

Until you are able to see a dentist try these at-home remedies to relieve pain and reduce any swelling.

  • If you are in pain from a serious break you can take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medications or a prescription from your dentist.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • Use an ice pack on the outside area of the cheek or lip where the tooth is broken. This should help with pain and reduce swelling.
  • Should the area bleed, use clean gauze and apply pressure until the bleeding stops.
  • If the broken tooth has a sharp edge that could cut the inside of your mouth or tongue, cover it with some sugar-free gum until you can see your dentist.

Professional Dental Options For Broken Tooth Repair

The dental specialists at Oakville Place Dental Office are able to use restorative and cosmetic procedures to fix a broken tooth.

If your tooth was broken due to an automobile accident, a fall, some other facial trauma, or just biting down on something hard, we can solve the problem. The sooner you come in for an appointment, the more likely we can treat it with little residual complications.

If the inner structure of the tooth, known as the pulp, is damaged, timing is crucial. Waiting to see a dentist may be the difference between a simple restoration and a more costly procedure. That’s why emergency care should be a priority.

Depending on how badly your tooth is damaged, our dental professionals can choose from a number of remedies.

Tooth bonding, veneers, root canals and dental implants plus crowns and bridges are all ways Oakville Place Dental Office can remedy and restore your broken tooth.

Don’t wait if you have suffered a broken tooth.

Avoid infection or more serious repairs and contact us. Many times we can accommodate you for a same day appointment.

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