5 Most Common Types Of Tooth Injuries In Sports

19 February 2018

Weekend warriors, youngsters playing all types of sports, professional athletes, and those who engage in any sporting activity all have something in common. There is inevitably a chance of injuries to limbs, the face and especially teeth.

At Oakville Dental Place we have treated all manner of broken tooth repair and regularly provide emergency dental services.

If you are a parent or an adult who plays sports, pay attention to the most common types of tooth injuries in sports, how to determine the severity, and what to do.

Cracked Or Fractured Teeth

This injury occurs more frequently when an athlete is not wearing a mouth guard.

Sometimes you can’t see the tooth is cracked, but don’t delay if you are hit in the mouth. Vertical cracks are less serious than horizontal ones. Expect there will be pain when biting down on something. Occasionally the pain will not be consistent; it may come and go, but there will be pain when eating.

See a professional as soon as possible. It may need a filling, a cap or require a root canal..

Tooth Avulsion

In this case the entire tooth is knocked out. It’s not a pleasant experience and it requires immediate care. It happens to young players more frequently because their teeth are not fully grown in. In adults who play contact sports it is a more serious situation.

See your dentist as soon as possible.

Tooth Intrusion

In this situation a tooth is pushed back into the jawbone.This happens more frequently with children, but it can occur in adults. It may damage the pulp of the tooth, so don’t wait to schedule a visit to your dentist.

Chipped Or Broken Tooth

Usually a player who suffers a broken or chipped tooth will begin to feel an aching pain. Set up a broken tooth repair appointment with a specialist immediately.

Wearing the proper headgear or mouth guard can prevent many of these injuries.

Read to find out more information about what to do until you see your dentist

Fractured Root

Sometimes while playing sports without proper gear a blow comes from a certain angle causing a fractured root. The fracture begins in the root moving down to the bottom of the tooth. Patients may not realize this has happened until they visit a dentist or an infection ensues. Root canal emergency dental services will prevent infection in the pulp.

If any of these injuries occur, do not wait to seek dental care. Delaying treatment from any sport related tooth injuries can lead to more serious consequences.

Oakville Place Dental Office can treat all injuries to your teeth.

Feel secure that you can rely on us for any and all broken tooth repair and emergency dental services.

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