4 Dangers Of DIY Dentistry

19 May 2017

Going DIY when it comes to home improvement may be fine and good, but not so much for issues with your teeth. Broken tooth repair is a fine example. Best leave that to the professionals.

We are bombarded with online help and videos, TV shows that share “do it yourself” tips, and well meaning friends giving us advice on any number of subjects. But when it comes to your dental health, no one should think they can address issues better than your dental professional. Limit your creative and innovative instincts to home decorating and landscaping projects.

There are inherent dangers in DIY dentistry!

Tooth Loss And Ongoing Tooth Problems

We can all agree losing teeth and dealing with ongoing tooth problems are dangers to avoid. Yet, many people believe they can fix tooth issues, especially using DIY ways to correct tooth gaps and crooked teeth by creating their own braces. Unfortunately these “gap bands” seem to be popular.

Patients who think they can’t afford braces or just don’t like to go to the dentist are finding these dangerous solutions online. When you move the alignment of your teeth too quickly like these bands do, you set yourself up for disaster. Not only are your gums irritated, causing pain and possible infections, but it can lead to pulling the teeth away from the bone, making them loose. In some cases they can eventually fall out.

Remember what mom told you, “If it seems too good to be true…It probably is.”

The Danger Of A DIY Broken Tooth Repair

If you have an accident, break a tooth and you can’t get an appointment with our dental specialists immediately, be careful how you improvise. Broken tooth repair constitutes a dental emergency, so make an appointment as soon as possible.

Never use any toxic glue like Super Glue to hold the pieces together. Avoid chewing gum or children’s playdough. If you must wait for an appointment, Elmer’s glue is the least worrisome as a temporary fix. Keep any pieces or shards and soak them in milk until your professional can see you. Contact Oakville Dental Office immediately.

Never consider doing a broken tooth repair and expect it to be permanent.

Pulling Your Own Teeth

Yes, there are actually people who do this! There are statistics showing one in five adults would prefer pulling their own teeth instead of going to a dentist. Yikes.

Pulling your own teeth is bad practice and can lead to pain, infection, gum disease, and root damage. Don’t ever allow your children to pull their own teeth.

Dangers Of DIY Teeth Whitening

Another DIY dentistry fad that is gaining in popularity is teeth whitening. Baking soda mixed with lemon juice can damage the enamel. Using hydrogen peroxide may sound like a good idea, but it can be dangerous if you ingest too much. Charcoal is the new favourite among young people to whiten their teeth.

Instead, there are many inexpensive over-the-counter whiteners to choose from. For a truly professional fix, visit Oakville Dental Place.

We appreciate that weekend warrior spirit, but not when it comes to dentistry.

Let us know if you have questions or concerns. For a broken tooth repair contact us immediately.

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