Top 8 Teeth Whitening Foods

7 February 2022

White teeth have long been a sign of a healthy smile. While there are plenty of products out there for teeth whitening in Oakville, you can also whiten your teeth naturally. You can skip the bleach strips and stick to traditional oral hygiene methods by carefully selecting foods with natural teeth whitening qualities.

At Oakville Place Dental, we work with patients across Oakville, Ontario. Included in our variety of dental services are teeth whitening and bleaching. While we specialize in making your pearly whites whiter, we also love sharing info with our clients on how to keep teeth bright and clean between visits. Here are eight foods to try if you’re looking for a whiter smile.

1. Strawberries

This is a shocking choice for whitening because of the fruit’s bright pink and red colours. However, strawberries are rich in malic acid. Malic acid breaks down discoloration on the outer layer of teeth by removing surface debris and stains.

Strawberries are also full of vitamin C, which reduces oxidative stress on your cells, including teeth and gums. Reduce signs of early ageing and get whiter teeth by munching strawberries instead of chocolate after dinner.

2. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts are a versatile food with a variety of applications. Whether sweet or salty, you can count on nuts and seeds to strip discolouration and plaque from teeth as you chew. The texture of these crunchy and chewy snacks is perfect for scraping off the unwanted residue from your enamel.

Many nuts are also rich in calcium which is important for teeth and bone health. Make teeth stronger and whiter by adding nuts and seeds to your diet – they’re delicious in salads, muffins, trail mix and more.

3. Dairy

Milk is another product loaded with calcium, but it’s not the calcium that whitens your teeth. Milk includes high levels of lactic acid, which works to minimize surface stains by lightening the colour of tooth enamel. Cheese and yogurt have the same effect, meaning you can opt for a glass of milk or a cheesy snack with a teeth whitening outcome.

Another element of milk is casein. Casein is proactive in reducing surface stains before they start. It protects your teeth from further discolouration, minimizing the impact of coffee and red meat.

4. Pineapples

A positively tropical treat, and one which removes stains from your teeth, is pineapple. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain breaks down the plaque on your teeth, naturally dissolving stains on your teeth.

Teeth whitening with pineapples could not be easier or more delicious. Dice them into drinks, use them as dessert toppers or eat sliced pineapple as a fresh snack. However you choose to consume pineapple, you can count on it to brighten your smile.

5. Onion

Onions are another food that might be difficult to believe is good for oral hygiene. How? Onions are rich in sulphur, which deters plaque from forming on your teeth, reducing the chance of stain development and plaque buildup.

Onions are great when diced fine on salad, blended into sauces or tossed into a stir fry. With seemingly hundreds of recipes to choose from, it’s easy to mix onion into your regular diet to keep teeth glowing.

6. Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or in this case, the dentist. Apples are full of vitamins and fibre, but more importantly, they’re another fruit with high levels of malic acid. Malic acid not only brightens your smile but is often added to commercial toothpaste to improve whitening and cleaning power.

Apples are a great snack to eat as they are. You can also add them to salads or use them as a garnish on sweet or savoury dishes. Just be sure to brush after eating your apple snacks, as apples are high in natural sugars.

7. Broccoli

Broccoli is the perfect vegetable by design for whitening teeth. The florets are loaded with tiny buds to brush away plaque and break down surface stains – so eating raw broccoli is a bit like using your toothbrush!

Broccoli doesn’t have any fancy chemical reactions to deteriorate tooth discolouration, but it does have plenty of fibre, iron and zinc. Eating broccoli improves your overall health, which in turn improves your oral health. Broccoli also contains calcium which strengthens teeth and bones.

8. Shiitake Mushrooms

Native to Eastern Asia, shiitake mushrooms are a rich and meaty mushroom used in various dishes around the world. While sugar is usually considered bad for teeth, this particular mushroom contains a sugar called lentinan, which counteracts the usual reaction of cavity creation. Rather than impeding oral health, lentinan prevents plaque from forming.

The lentinan in shitake mushrooms deters the development of oral bacteria. This keeps discoloration at a minimum and increases overall oral health. You can add shitake mushrooms to stir fry, soup, curry, salad, pasta or casserole dishes.

Don’t Forget to Brush

It’s important to note that while these foods can go a long way to improve the colour of your teeth, they aren’t a replacement for brushing and flossing. Take good care to clean your teeth after eating, and see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings to prevent tooth discolouration.

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