The Rise of Women in Dentistry

30 September 2014

The rise of women in dentistry continues with more females currently graduating in the field than males. In the province of Ontario, 28% of dentists were women in 2005 compared to just 16% in 1991. By 2010, the majority of dental students in North America were female. In contrast, the majority of enrolment into dental schools over a century ago would have been predominantly, if not entirely, male.

Canada’s First Female Dental Graduate

C.L. Josephine Wells was the first female to graduate from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons (RCDS) School of Dentistry in 1893. She had a 36-year long career as a dentist in Ontario and was the first dentist in Canada to practice in hospital dentistry. It’s hard to believe that in the first year of enrolment at RCDS only 11 students were admitted, each paying a fee of $100 for the four-month course!

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