Seven Benefits Of Having A Family Dentist

6 March 2019

With less job security, more Canadians move across a city, a province, or Canada itself for a new job or a promotion. With these moves, the idea of having a family dentist may seem like something that some people don’t have time for anymore. But family dentistry brings with it some unique advantages that benefit your overall health—today and in the future.

Family Dentistry Is About Your Dental History

  1. A History Of Your Dental Health
    Family dentistry is important because it is consistent and maintains records. When you’ve been seeing your dentist for a while, they will have a record of your dental health, along with any allergies, sensitivities, special needs, or requirements. This type of history is important for a number of reasons. Your dentist will know, for example, when you last had a check-up, the dates any crowns were installed, the need to monitor any teeth with cracks, chips, or other irregularities, along with a measurement of any gingival recession (receding gums). Along with this important information, your dentist will have full details on treatment plans for any dental condition you may have.
  2. Developing A Personal And Trusting Relationship
    Personal relationships are about trust, and trust allows open and respectful communication. Family dentistry means that over time you’ll develop a relationship of trust with your dentist. There is nothing better than knowing that you and your family members feel comfortable at each dental appointment and that they are in trustworthy hands. Communication is easier with someone you trust. You’ll feel able to talk about concerns or fears. For children, getting to know their dentist puts them at ease and makes dental visits easier. As well, if you’re interested in exploring treatments such as orthodontics, you’ll rest assured that your dentist will have excellent recommendations for you.
  3. Knowledge Of Your Teeth And Gums, And What To Look For
    When you see the same dentist, they know how to look out for any changes in your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues over time. For example, any sudden discolouration or lesion will be readily apparent to your dentist and, if necessary, they can refer you to a specialist for further examination. As a part of your health team, dentists can often detect health conditions first. For example, when oral cancer is identified by a family dentist, treatment is initiated more quickly. As you probably know, early detection is important for successful treatment. This means that family dentistry has saved many lives thanks to early detection!

Family Dentistry And Your Health

  1. Awareness of Serious Health Problems
    Here are just a few examples of why having regular family dentistry is good for your overall health, and not just your teeth and oral health. Let’s take a look at prosthetic joint replacements and heart stents. If you have had a body part replaced, such as a shoulder, hip, heart valve or knee, or a heart stent placed, you will be advised to take what’s called a prophylactic (preventative) antibiotic before dental cleanings and other procedures. It is for the protection of the surgery site from an infection that your surgeon will make this recommendation. It’s really that you tell your dentist if you fall into this category. Once they are informed, they will have this information on record and will know how long you are required to take the preventative antibiotic.

    Another example is high blood pressure, which is increasingly prevalent today. If you have high blood pressure or are on blood pressure medication, be sure to let your dentist know. There are many reasons for this. Some blood pressure tables can lead to a dry mouth, which can create a greater risk of tooth decay. Generally, patients with high blood pressure can manage this condition safely with lifestyle adjustments or medication. However, they may not be up for dental work if the prospect of treatment such as fillings or roots canals has increased their blood pressure. Blood pressure readings will need to be brought down to a safe level before your dentist can treat you.

    Individuals with high blood pressure can also be adversely affected by some local anesthetics. These drugs can cause blood vessels to constrict temporarily, and if this is the case for you, your dentist will need to limit your exposure to these anesthetics to prevent health emergencies or complications high blood pressure. If you suddenly have elevated blood pressure, your dentist may ask you to see your doctor or even send you to an emergency room.

    As you can see, having a regular dentist who practices family dentistry means that these serious health concerns will be documented and your dentist will know what practices and procedures should be followed when you visit for your next appointment.

  2. Proactive Family Dentistry
    Having the same dentist will allow them to be proactive and keep a close eye on your oral health. This may help you stop a dental problem from arising in the first place, or prevent it from becoming a serious concern. At Oakville Place Dental, we are thorough in our check-ups and we always look for underlying problems. This means that we can treat them quickly before the damage becomes serious or permanent.
  3. Making Family Dentistry Work For Your Family
    Oakville Place Dental can provide excellent dental treatment for your whole family—this means that you save valuable time because you do not need to arrange different appointments on different days. Your family dentistry appointments can be scheduled together in one morning, afternoon, or evening, simplifying your busy life.
  4. Your Family Dentist Can Direct Bill

    If you have health insurance with dental coverage, you can provide the details on your first visit. From then on, your dentist will be able to quickly and conveniently direct bill your insurance provider. No waiting or inconvenience to you and your finances.

Oakville Dental Place is an established family dentistry practice with strong relationships with clients who have been coming to our practice for years. We are also ready to take new patients and provide them with the same level of trusting care that our regular patients have received for years. Contact us today at 905-842-6030 and begin a great patient-dentist relationship today!

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