Invisalign Treatment: 5 Things to Expect

15 June 2020

If you have ever dreamed of having a perfect smile, but never wanted to wear braces, Invisalign could be the right choice for you. We’re excited to announce that Oakville Place Dental is now offering Invisalign treatment. This effective teeth straightener is perfect for adults and people of all ages due to its transparent nature. With Invisalign, you never have to feel like that awkward teenager back in high school wearing metal braces with brackets.

It’s important to understand what Invisalign is, how it works, and then decide if you want to commit to it. Before you take the plunge, let’s take a closer look at 5 things to expect with Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening treatment that can be used to achieve a better smile, unlike braces, which are made from metal wires and brackets. Instead, Invisalign moves your teeth with the help of clear, custom-made aligners (retainers) that aid in straightening your teeth.

Invisalign is less noticeable than braces and requires less maintenance. It can be worn by those who have mild to moderate teeth misalignment, which is an effective solution for those with an overbite, crossbite, or underbite solution.

The process involves a series of clear plastic aligner trays that gradually move your teeth into proper alignment. The trays are easy to remove and are moulded to fit your unique mouth shape. Invisalign is comfortable to wear every day.

During the first week of Invisalign treatment, the aligners will feel very snug and will take some time to get used to. It might be a little challenging to insert and remove them during the first week. But after you get the hang of it, removing your aligners will be easier and after some time, the aligners will loosen.

Now that we have explained what Invisalign is and how it works, let’s talk about what you should expect during your Invisalign treatment at Oakville Place Dental.

Wearing Invisalign

In order for Invisalign to work, the recommended time to wear the aligners is 20 hours a day for at least 6 months. The treatment time depends on the condition of your teeth and what you want to improve. Our dentists will discuss this with you once you start wearing them. You will have to sleep with them on and then spend the rest of your working day with them on as well.

Speaking with Invisalign

During the first couple of weeks of wearing the aligners, you might notice that you will be speaking with a slight lisp. This is a normal process, as the aligners and your mouth are becoming acquainted with each other.

Some patients claim that they experience a sore tongue. This happens when you keep moving your tongue over the aligners. As it takes some time to get used to, if you find yourself running your tongue over the aligners, try to stop this habit; you could chronically irritate your tongue.

In some instances, the aligners might rub against your gums and cause some discomfort. If they rub against your gums too often, contact your dentist to come in for an appointment and they will trim the edges to fit your mouth comfortably.

Eating and Drinking with Invisalign

It will take some time to get into a routine of removing your aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water; plus, you can only drink cold water. All coffee and tea are off the menu as if you drink these regularly, your aligners will get stained and wear down. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, you will have to quit drinking your favourite hot beverage for a time while undergoing Invisalign treatment.

After eating a meal or snack, you have to brush and floss your teeth before inserting the aligners. If you forget to brush and floss, bacteria, food, and plaque can get stuck in the trays and can cause damage to your gums and teeth.

Along with avoiding hot drinks such as coffee and tea, sugar-based drinks such as orange juice, pop, and alcoholic drinks should be avoided as your aligners will develop plaque.

Proper Oral Hygiene During Invisalign Treatment

Now that you know you will have to brush and floss your teeth right after each meal, you have to factor in brushing your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed. If you eat three meals a day — along with a few snacks — that amounts to brushing your teeth 6-7 times a day.

If you skip brushing your teeth after eating, not only will food particles get stuck in your aligners, but it can lead to cavities and bad breath. It’s essential to practice proper oral hygiene throughout your Invisalign treatment, or you might experience additional dental problems.

Expect Great Results with Invisalign

In summary, Invisalign is a teeth-straightening treatment that can be used to achieve a winning smile or to straighten an overbite, crossbite, or underbite. If you decide to undergo Invisalign treatment, be prepared to wear them 20 hours a day for up to 6 months. You will need to practice daily oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth right after each meal. You can only drink cold water during this time as all hot beverages, sugary drinks, and alcoholic beverages need to be avoided as they can cause discomfort, cavities, and plaque build-up.

For more information about what to expect from Invisalign treatments or to book an appointment, call Oakville Place Dental at 647-496-2721 or contact us here.

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