How To Get Your Children Invested In Their Own Oral Hygiene

23 February 2017

Children are like little sponges. As a parent, you understand exactly what we mean. Not so civil language can come right out of your little ones when you least expect it. As they say, “Out of the mouth of babes.” When it comes to their mouth, you want to teach them how to keep it healthy for the long term. Let us suggest how to get your children invested in their own oral hygiene.

Set the Example

Your child wants to copy whatever you do when they are young. Unfortunately that will change in their teen years to be sure, but while they follow your lead, set the proper example of good oral hygiene.

Show them how you brush and floss several times a day. Let them know when you are going to the dentist for a professional cleaning. Maybe take them along.

Children inherently have the natural desire to do the right thing, so you must be the best example of proper oral hygiene for them.


Children are also naturally inquisitive. Sometimes one of their first words is WHY. Use this to your advantage and spend time explaining the value of brushing, flossing and why it is important to keep their teeth and mouth clean.

Most children will respond to this type of incentive. The more children know and understand the importance of good oral hygiene, the more likely it will become part of their daily habits.

Impress upon them that proper oral hygiene is part of being grown up.

There are even some dental apps for children to assist with teaching them WHY good oral hygiene is important.

Find the Right Pediatric Dentist

You want your child to be relaxed when they visit the dentist for the first time… and each trip thereafter. You never want them to associate fear with keeping their teeth clean and healthy.

That is why choosing the right dentist is essential in putting your children on the road to a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Choose one who specializes in treating children.

The doctors at Oakville Place Dental Office will welcome your child into their friendly environment and will always strive to keep treatments as pain-free as possible. Children are encouraged to ask questions because the more they understand, the less fearful they will be.

Parenting is a lifelong job! Among the many things you want to teach your children, protect them from, and guide them through is the importance of keeping their teeth and mouth healthy.

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