Dental Myths – Are You Telling Me the Tooth?

11 June 2014

So you think you can handle the tooth—sorry truth, about dental myths? It’s true that the dental industry has more than a few misnomers, misrepresentations of the truth, and misinformation to go around. Let’s clear the air and sort out fact from fiction, and increase your dental knowledge at the same time. Here are our top 5 dental myths that often get asked about by our patients at Oakville Place Dental.

Dental Myths; Tooth Fairy not included!
Dental Myths; Tooth Fairy not included!

5 Dental Myths Busted

  1. Diet soda is better for your teeth than regular soda. MYTH. Diet soda is only marginally less destructive to your teeth than regular soda. Frequent, daily consumption of either diet soda or regular soda will significantly increase the likelihood of dental cavities.
  2. Dentists still use Novocaine. MYTH. Due to a high incidence of allergic reactions and the development of a new class of local anesthetics in the 1940s, dentists no longer use Novocaine!
  3. You should brush your teeth immediately after you eat. MYTH. Many people think they should brush after every meal to keep their teeth healthy. However, research has found that exposure to acidic foods and drinks can soften the enamel, and when you brush, you can in fact increase enamel erosion! To avoid this, dentists suggest waiting 30 to 60 minutes after eating before you brush.
  4. Cavities aren’t contagious. MYTH. Yes, they are! The types of bacteria that cause tooth decay can also be transmitted through saliva. Beware of the ‘kissing disease’ and sharing your food and drink with others!
  5. Poor dental health doesn’t affect my overall health. MYTH. Other than having a serious effect on your personal confidence and quality of life, poor oral health can have serious consequences. Studies have linked oral inflammation and the bacteria from tooth decay with other serious life threatening conditions, such as heart disease.

Thanks for joining us for this post and feel free to comment and add your own dental mythbusters!

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