The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

3 April 2017

No one needs to tell you that there are multiple teeth whitening options available on the market today. It’s almost impossible to watch television or be online without being bombarded with every new whitening toothpaste, device, whitening strips, or home remedy. Consumer driven, the market has exploded.

Everyone wants to have a whiter brighter smile. It conveys youth, vitality and let’s face it, beauty. Who wouldn’t want all that? Let’s seriously take a look at the benefits of teeth whitening and evaluate their return on investment or ROI.

Then again, sometimes the results can’t be measured by standard methods.

Major Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

  1. It will accelerate your self-confidence level. Everyone has a certain level of self-confidence, but just like you can’t be too thin or too rich, having a whiter smile will enhance that inner belief system.

  2. Create a dazzling first impression. There is nothing like a bright smile and a strong handshake to create a lasting first impression. No matter if you are interviewing for a new job, networking at a business meeting, or simply interacting with colleagues, flashing your brilliant smile grabs attention.

  3. Look and actually feel happier! When you smile, you look happy, and even when you fake a smile, it can make you feel a bit happier. When you have a bright smile, you will smile more often.

  4. A dazzling white smile will encourage you to maintain your oral hygiene regimen and keep your mouth healthier.

  5. And the winner is…you will look younger! Because our teeth stain as we get older, a white smile says ‘youth’ like a slim and toned body. And… a white smile is much easier to achieve.

Weighing Your Options

With all the teeth whitening options available to you, which ones are best?

Since the aging process causes our teeth to discolour, many over-the-counter products may only whiten the surface, thereby allowing the yellow dingy appearance to return rather quickly.

The professionals at Oakville Place Dental Office will evaluate your situation and recommend what might be your best teeth whitening options. For longer lasting results consider a professional whitening or bleaching treatment in our office. The professional gel used in office will increase the effectiveness and longevity of the whitening.

Choose from kits to take home or in office procedures. Get more long-lasting results with professional bleaching or whitening.

All new patients can receive a FREE whitening. Call the office at 905-842-6030 for more information.

Achieve a whiter brighter and happier smile!

Make an appointment today!

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