5 Myths About Root Canals

6 March 2018

Root canals have a bad rap. That’s why most patients cringe when they are told they will need a root canal.

Modern dentistry has improved this all-important procedure, so let’s correct the myths.

What is a root canal?

First, let’s start by telling you what a root canal is and why you might need one. A root canal is an endodontic treatment needed when a tooth becomes infected by either decay or trauma. During the procedure the dentist will remove all the contaminated debris, clean the area, and then fill the empty space with a biocompatible substance.

The tooth is then topped with a crown to protect it from any further deterioration.

Myth #1: A Root Canal Is Very Painful

Probably the most universally accepted untruth or myth is that root canals are by nature painful. In fact, the opposite is true. The root canal will relieve the pain caused by the infection. There is virtually no discomfort during the procedure due to modern anesthesia. Patients can be prescribed antibiotics or take pain medications after the root canal.

The fact is a root canal is really no more painful than a filling. In this case, the fear and anticipations is worse than the reality.

Myth #2: Expect To Feel Pain And Sensitivity For Several Weeks

This statement couldn’t be more false. Here’s why: Normally, any sensitivity or discomfort only lasts just a few days. Use OTC pain meds to relieve any discomfort.

If a patient continues to have persistent pain after a root canal, there is likely some type of complication. Contact your dental professional immediately.

Myth #3: Your Tooth Has To Be Painful Before A Dentist Recommends Root Canal

If a tooth is infected and you are not feeling pain, the dentist may still suggest a root canal before it gets any worse. The infection will just continue to spread and it may be more difficult to perform the root canal later.

Find a dental practice that you could trust like Oakville Dental Place and they will offer their best recommendation to ensure you are absolutely comfortable and healthy.

Myth #4: Patients Must Have A Series Of Dental Appointments

Today’s root canals are usually completed in one or two visits. Unless there is some other issue, most root canals can be successfully completed in one dental appointment.

Myth #5: It’s Easier To Just Pull The Infected Tooth

Some patients think it will save time to simply extract the infected tooth in order to eliminate all the supposed hassle and cost of a root canal. Extracting a tooth is usually the last resort recommended by most dentists, and only when no other option is available. In most cases, it is safer and cleaner to keep your tooth.

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