The best & worst holiday treats for your teeth

Most of the treats on this naughty food list make the cut because of their high sugar content, stickiness, or potential for tooth cracking disaster. As with any delicious snack, it’s okay to eat in moderation, but be mindful that you are brushing regularly and flossing to remove any leftover food particles as you enjoy your holidays. The top 4 foods to avoid this holiday season are:Fruitcake is a common dessert served throughout the holidays. Read More

The causes and remedies for tooth sensitivity

Are you suffering from pain caused by having sensitive teeth? When you take a sip of your coffee in the morning, do you feel discomfort? Or, does it hurt when you brush or floss? Read More

How to avoid cavities this Halloween

It’s almost time for that sickly sweet holiday again! You guessed it, Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween can be one of the scariest holidays out there, that is, for your teeth. Read More

Things you need to know before getting your first root canal

If your dentist has recently told you that you need a root canal, you probably have a lot of questions about what to expect at your next appointment. Read More

Advantages of getting dental implants

If you need to replace any missing teeth you have a lot of choices. But there is one option that stands above the rest: dental implants. Read More

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How long has Oakville Place Dental Office been in existence and how long have Dr. Solomon and Dr....

Dr. Solomon and Dr. Kazdan both grew up in Toronto and were classmates who graduated from the University of Toronto Dental school in 1990. After this, they each associated in the Greater Toronto Area for three years before establishing Oakville Place Dental Office in 1993. They’ve enjoyed practicing in the Oakville area for almost 25 years, and have had some patients for well over 20 years!

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