How To Change Your Family Dentist

28 June 2017

Perhaps you are completely happy with the family dentist you have been going to for years. Then again, maybe you are not. There are really two parts to this question: the how to part and the why part.

Why you might want to change your family dentist is just as important as how.

Let’s begin with some circumstances that you might lead you to investigate a new family dentist.

Why Change?

You Are Moving

This is an obvious one, even if you are simply moving to a different part of town. Convenience is a big part of why we choose certain services over others. Having a dentist nearby just makes life easier.

Dissatisfaction With Services

Sad to say, but some services and dental practices take your business for granted. That return phone call that never comes in a timely fashion, rigid scheduling, lack of follow up, or an impersonal hygienist all can contribute to a lackluster experience. At some point you decide the care you are receiving is less than you are willing to accept.

Your Family Has Grown

Now that you have children, you want a dentist that actually specializes in real family dentistry. You suddenly are looking for a dentist for your whole family.

It takes special care and understanding of little ones to make the visit comfortable and stress-free for them, as well as deliver a total range of dental services for everyone in the family.

Once you have made the decision to change your family dentist, or circumstances dictate a change, you now are faced with HOW to find a new family dentist.

How To Change

Establish Basic Criteria

Decide on the important factors in choosing a new family dentist. Are they convenient? Do they specialize in children’s dentistry? Do you need special language services? Do they offer a full range of dental services for everyone in your family?

Do Your Homework

The internet can be an invaluable way to find a new family dentist. Research dentists in your area, read their reviews, and make some calls. Sometimes just the attitude of the person answering the phone can give you insight about how your family will be treated. Look for longevity.

If your child is frightened about going to a new dentist, it is especially important to seek out a child friendly dentist. Pediatric dentistry takes a special kind of care and concern that you will always find at Oakville Place Dental Office.

Ask Friends And Neighbours

The best recommendations usually come from patients. If you are really at a loss, ask someone you trust to make a recommendation, especially if they have children and you are seeking a premier family dental practice.

If you are moving to a different place you can ask your current dentist for a referral.

Using this combination of tactics can help you find exactly the family dentist you require.

The friendly professionals at Oakville Place Dental Office
have the experience, skill and equipment to meet all your family’s needs.

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